Sunday, December 21, 2014

BLAST FROM THE PAST (The Bay Wave, Ida Goldberg hailed from Ashland before moving to Chicago By Eric Hjerstedt Sharp Born and raised in Ashland, Ida Goldberg involved herself in several academic, sports and club activities at Ashland High School before graduating with the Class of 1929. The daughter of Russian immigrant shopkeeper parents, Ida lived with her parents and seven siblings at 308 3rd Ave. East at the time she graduated from high school. Their house was not far from the dry goods shop where her father Louis worked and her mother’s relatives, also Russian immigrants, owned the Saxe Department Store at 303 W. 2nd (Main) St. Both families were close and were members of Ashland’s then-thriving B’nai B’rith community. As student manager of the yearbook Wawata through her four years at Ashland High School, Ida participated in dramatic and musical activities. Classmate Dorothy Hampel’s copy of the yearbook has been donated to the Ashland Historical Society’s Museum, and is available for viewing along with a bookshelf of other yearbooks. In the copy, Ida wrote Dorothy a note: “Lots of luck, Ida.” Ida decided to pursue an education in social work and left Ashland to pursue a degree in the field at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and later attended the University of Chicago’s Social Services Administration school. It was during this time when she met author and radio journalist Louis “Studs” Terkel, whom she later married. The couple lived in Chicago for more than 60 years. Ida involved herself in editing her husband’s many books including his 1985 Pulitzer Prize-winning book, “The Good War.” She stayed active in many literary, social and civil right causes. Ida Terkel did return to Ashland Sept. 15, 1979 for her 50th class reunion, where she may have attended the scheduled tour of the then-new high school and middle school facilities. Ida died Dec. 23, 1999. Studs Terkel died Oct. 31, 2008.

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