Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oppidan completes successful multi-tenant building in Twin Ports

Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Choice, Buffalo Wild Wings
occupy high-traffic retail space in Duluth Minnesota

MINNETONKA, Minn., September 20, 2011 --- After a successful redevelopment by Oppidan Investment Company, a multi-tenant building has now brought three distinct retailers to part of northern Minnesota’s busiest shopping districts. With the recent opening of the first Bed Bath & Beyond in the Twin Ports area, a 36,000 square foot retail building is now once again fully occupied.

“The building looks brand new, Reprise Design worked with us and the City of Duluth to create new and improved architectural elements to the building including new facade, awnings, parking lot lighting, outdoor patio seating, parking lot and a new roof,” said Jay Moore, who was Oppidan’s lead developer on the project. “This is a great example of what Oppidan does best, being able to make an existing facility meet the business needs of three separate retailers.”

The retail building occupied by Bed, Bath & Beyond, Buffalo Wild Wings and Home Choice is located on Miller Trunk Highway, near the intersection of U.S. Highway 53 and State Highway 194, directly across from Miller Hill Mall. The building was originally home to Duluth’s first Gander Mountain store. The highly visible property had been unused since 2005, until Oppidan had the opportunity to redevelop the existing building.

“This was a win-win project for Oppidan and for the shoppers of the region,” said Oppidan president Joe Ryan. “We were able to redevelop a retail space that was unused for a few years, and bring three great businesses to this high-traffic area.”

The Duluth retail location is one of many projects Oppidan has developed across the nation in the past year. The company has also completed facilities for Gander Mountain, Supervalu, Camping World, Orchard Supply Hardware and a number of other major retailers.

About Oppidan Investment

Since 1991, Oppidan Investment Company has been a leader in the merchant real estate development industry because of a simple philosophy established by founder, Joe Ryan: “Deliver value.” Oppidan specializes in assessing, developing and selling properties and has over $1 billion in developed property, in excess of 9 million square feet and 175 successful projects completed to date.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Battle of Sioux River by Jeff Copenhagen

The Battle of Sioux River

there was a terrible battle

along the Sioux River years ago

blood ran all the way

to Lake Superior.

one hundred and fifty years later

blood still flows.

these pills will kill me

I know this

they go into an envelope

the word ''powerless'' written on it

given to a man who

asks no questions.

we sit in silence near Siskwit Lake

smoke and watch the water for

signs of life.

there are always signs of life

there are always questions

with no need of answers.

these women these women these women

it doesn't get any easier

I am halfway to fifty

ask a friend who is sixty

when does this stop

when do I get a moments' peace.

he laughs and tells me

you're on your own here brother.

a woman I love and I

have both danced with death.

we know the steps.

they say dance with the one who brought you.

I owe her one more dance

in the summer rain.

this pain, this sadness

all washed away.

step, turn, spin

look up to the sky

my dance card is full.

the bakery down the street

sells these overpriced sandwiches

I buy the turkey avocado

the woman behind the counter is

beautiful, full figured

does this thing with mascara and eye liner

I flirt with her

I don't need to be doing this

with a woman half my age

she doesn't need old bald men

to flirt with her.

neither of us needs this.

gluten free bakery is some serious business.

we both need this.

these are hard won battles.

the blood, if it is meant to

will keep flowing.

--Jeff Copenhagen/Little Way of the North 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Iron River Flea Market Book & Craft Sale

Check out the Flea Market Book & Craft Sale, Saturday, Sept. 24 at the Iron River Community Center 9 a.m. -2 p.m. Sponsored by the Friends of the Evelyn Goldberg Library. Local artists, Crafters and collectors. Tables are $10 each. To reserve tables call Audrey at 715-372-8623. Limited space available.