Thursday, January 31, 2013

I thought jobs were the issue!!

MARQUETTE – A new study commissioned by the Upper Peninsula Petroleum Association says a proposed Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station in Marquette Township could result in the loss of up to 63 jobs, $1.25 million in annual wages, $10.7 million in annual in-store sales and $1.7 million annually in state taxes in Marquette County. The study, commissioned in September and conducted by a Western Michigan University professor and Ohio-based firm Keip Government Solutions, alleges a total of $39 million would be lost in taxes and wages were the KBIC allowed to operate a station it is proposing to locate on land in Marquette Township.

Bayfield County solar hot water system produces result at jail in Washburn, Wisconsin

Solar Hot Water Project

Solar Hot Water System Producing Results
Third quarter 2011 results from Bayfield County Jail’s solar hot water heater demonstrate continued savings. 
Coolant was pumped from the roof top panels to the hot water transfer tank 1440 hours during the first 9 months of 2011, averaging 5.3 hours per day.   Water hot enough to feed directly into the hot water heaters was pumped from the solar transfer tank to the heaters 1267 hours thus far in 2011 or an average of 4.7 hours per day.
Hot water system savings are currently approximately $350 a month.  The panels were installed in 2008 and have pumped over 4600 hours to date. Estimated payback on the system is nine years.